11kV Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives

Payment Type: L/C,T/T
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time: 30 Days

Basic Info

Model No.: JD-BP38S-XXXXF

Output Type: Triple

Main Circuit Type: Voltage

Voltage of Power Supply: High Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive

Link of Transformation: AC-DC-AC Variable-Frequency Drive

Nature of DC Power: Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive

Technology: Cell-cascaded Multilevel

Input Power Factor: >0.96

Inverter Device: IGBT-H Bridge

Application: Power Station, Steel Plant, Fan, Pump

Output Voltage: 11000V

Input Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Additional Info

Packaging: wooden box

Productivity: 1500 SETS/ YEAR

Brand: FGI

Transportation: Ocean

Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 2000 SETS/ YEAR

Certificate: CE,ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

HS Code: 9032899090

Port: Shenzhen,Qingdao,Shanghai

Product Description

The FGI 11kV series medium voltage drives set the standard for feasibility. The medium voltage motor starter draws on 20 years of industrial experience with a broad range of applications – including boiler feed water pump, cement grinding fan, blast furnace blower and different compressors – to provide the top quality and energy saving high voltage drive today.  With more than 0.95 power factor, over 97% efficiency (when rated output), high voltage isolation, built-in PID and other advanced technical features, the MV drives are popular among customers.


what is medium voltage drives

HMI: Provide users with friendly all-round document operation interface, responsible for dealing with information.

Power cabinet

Each phase is connected in series by a multi-level unit;
Unit standardized structure, 3kV/6kV/10kV unit junction is the same;
The unit communicates with the control cabinet through the optical fiber to control good performance.

Control cabinet

The control core is based on DSP+FPGA, the system is powerful and can meet the customer's needs to the greatest extent;
Independent main control box, plug-in control board, easy to install and maintain;
Rich interface with multiple choices.

Operating Principle

medium voltage variable speed drives     

The medium voltage drive is composed of switch cabinet, phase shift transformer cabinet, power unit cabinet control cabinet. Among them, the switch cabinet is different according to different sites.The equipment adopts the high-high voltage source type inverter circuit structure, the power units are connected in series, the output is superimposed into high voltage, and directly output to the high voltage motor.                               

 medium voltage converter

3kV series MV Drives with 3 units per phase  /  6kV series MV Drives with 5 units per phase / 10kV series MV Drives with 8 units per phase

medium voltage drives ppt       

The power unit of the two-quad high voltage drive is mainly composed of rectifier diode, filter capacitor and IGBT. Each power unit is an H-bridge structure that outputs a set of SPWM waves.

high power motor drives

The whole machine has several units per phase. Through the carrier phase shifting technology, the output voltages of each unit are superimposed to form a multi-level high voltage output. There is no need to output the filtering device, the current harmonics are small, and there is no damage to the cable and motor insulation. The figure shows output voltage waveform of each of the five units and the superposed voltage waveform.

high voltage converter       

When the motor is in the drag state, the energy flows from the rid through the rectification loop and the inverter loop to the motor, and the VFD works in the first and third quadrants. The input voltage and current waveforms are as shown.  

high voltage inverter                        

The four-quad high voltage drive can perform energy feedback, and the power unit replaces the input rectifier diode with the IGBT with respect to the two-quad high voltage drives, realizing the energy bidirectional flow.

 high voltage inverter price

When the motor is in the power generation state, the DC bus voltage is greater than the input voltage, and the feedback control part inverts the DC voltage into an AC voltage, and the energy is fed back to the grid by controlling the voltage phase and amplitude. At this time, the energy flows from the motor to the grid through the inverter side and the feedback side. The inverter works in the second and fourth quadrants, and the feedback current and grid voltage waveform are as shown.

Performance Characteristics

Vector control technology

Multi master-slave control technology

Star drift technology

Output voltage automatic voltage  regulation technology

Hot reset function

Frequency conversion without disturbance switching technology

Other Performance Characteristics

Flying start technology

Instantaneous power outage, drop without stopping (low voltage ride through)

Color full Chinese human machine interface
Dual loop control power supply

Multiple control methods

High power density ahead of the industry

Perfect protection mechanism
DC braking technology

Current limiting technology

Temperature pre-alarm technology

Overvoltage stall technology
High and low voltage ride through technology

Product Model Description and Dimensions

medium voltage industrial variable speed drives medium voltage variable frequency drive specification



Power Level(kW): 200~20000kW (take 4-pole motor as standard, 6 to 12 pole motors are selected by current)

Output Voltage(kV): Three phase 0 ~ 3kV / Three phase 0 ~ 3.3kV / Three phase 0 ~ 6kV / Three phase 0 ~ 6.6kV / Three phase 0 ~ 10kV / Three phase 0 ~ 11kV

Rated Power(kW): Rated power of rated motor voltage: 200 ~ 20000kW

Rated Current(A): Rated current of rated motor voltage

Overload Capability: 105% continuous, 130% allowed 1min, 150% allowed 3s, 180% immediate protection

Waveform: Multiplexed SPWM sine wave

Frequency: 50Hz 

Input Voltage: 3kV / 3.3kV / 6kV / 6.6kV / 10kV / 11kV

Allowable Range of Fluctuation: Voltage: -10%~+10%, -10%~-35% Derating continuous operation: frequency ±5%

Control Power Input: AC 220V 2kVA

Precision: Analog setting: 0.3% (25 ± 10 °C) below the maximum frequency setting. Digital setting: 0.02% (-10 ~ +50 °C) below the maximum frequency setting

Resolution: Analog setting: one thousandth of the highest frequency setting. Digital setting: 0.01Hz

Efficiency: >97%,when rated output

Power Factor: >0.95

High Voltage Isolation: Electromagnetic coupling, multi-channel fiber transmission

Acceleration, Deceleration Time: 0.1 to 6000.0s, for acceleration, deceleration time can be set separately

Voltage/Frequency Characteristics: 0: normal, 1: square curve, 2: multi-section V/F curve

Built-in PID: Easy to implement process closed-loop control

Operation Guide: The control (touch screen) operation, remote external control operation, upper computer operation (optional)

Frequency Given: Touch screen digital reference, multi-speed speed reference, external control analog signal (DC 4 ~ 20mA) given

Operating Status Output: Relay status output, inverter fault, alarm, run/stop status indication

Touch Screen Display: Input/output voltage, input/output current, set frequency, fault status of each unit, operating status, transformer status, bus voltage of each unit, etc.

Protective function: Motor over current, whole machine over voltage, whole machine under voltage, unit over current, unit over voltage, unit overheat, unit input phase loss, fiber communication failure, etc.

Digital Input: Total 15 channels

Digital Output: Total 15 channels

Analog Input: Three channels 4 ~ 20mA (channel can be set): frequency given, pressure feedback, motor temperature, etc.

Analog Output: Four channels 4 ~ 20mA (channel can be set): output frequency, output current, output voltage, excitation control (for synchronous motor control)

Communication Interface: One RS485 interface, support MODBUS and PROFIBUS protocol; one channel CAN interface

Place of Use: Indoor, no corrosive or conductive gas, dust, direct sunlight, altitude below 1000m (high altitude area can be customized)

Ambient Temperature / Humidity: -10°C~ +40°C /20% ~ 90%RH No condensation

Place of Use: 5.9m/ s2 (below 0.6g)

Storage Temperature: -20°C~ +65°C (for short-term storage such as transportation)

Cooling Method and Enclosure Protection Level: Forced air cooling / IP31
Selection Guide

Type of Inverter     Power Level                                       Size and Weight 

                                                      (W) width(mm)    (D)depth(mm)   (H) height(mm)     weight(kg)

JD-BP38S-250F       250kW/6kW              2800                  1500                 1900                  2830

JD-BP38S-250F       280kW/6kW              2800                  1500                 1900                  3015

For more information, please see the following picture.

Medium Voltage Variable frequency Drive


Power generation

Boiler feed water pump, blower, induced draft fan, condensate pump, circulating water pump, mortar pump, compressor, vacuum fan, booster fan

Petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas fields

Air compressor, induced draft fan, pipeline pump injection pump, oil pump feed pump, submersible pump, circulating water pump, brine pump

Coal, mining field

Hoist, counter-rotating fan, axial fan, descaling pump, agitating pump, dust removing fan, mud pump, slurry pump, clean water pump, feed pump, drain pump, medium pump

Metallurgical field

Dust removal fan, blast furnace blower, induced draft fan, compression fan, oxygen compressor, blower, feed pump, water pump, descaling pump, SO2 fan, slag machine converter, electric furnace, blast furnace, descaling pump, gas compressor

Cement and building materials

Raw material grinding induced draft fan, cement grinding fan, sorter fan kiln induced draft fan, kiln supply fan, tail exhaust fan, high temperature fan coal mill, dust removal fan, circulation fan, pressure blower

Light industry, chemical industry

Pressurized pump, compressor, axial pump, soft water pump, blower, induced draft fan

medium voltage drive applications

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