Three-dimensional Oil Cooling Transformer

Payment Type: L/C,T/T
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time: 30 Days

Basic Info

Model No.: FG-S13RL Series

Application: Power, Electronic

Phase: Three

Coil: Core-type Transformer

Cooling Method: Oil-immersed Type Transformer

Winding Type: Multi-winding Transformer

Certification: ISO9001, ISO9001-2000

Usage: Distribution Transformer

Frequency Characteristics: Low Frequency

Shape of Coil: Ring

Type Of Device: Outdoor Type

Maximum Temperature: +40℃

Minimum Temperature: -25℃

Maximum Daily Average Temperature: +30℃

Maximum Annual Average Temperature: +20℃

Applications: Electricity

Additional Info

Packaging: wooden box

Productivity: 10000 SETS/ YEAR

Brand: FGI

Transportation: Ocean

Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 15000 SETS/ YEAR

Certificate: CE,ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

HS Code: 85043490

Port: Shenzhen,Qingdao,Shanghai

Product Description

The FGI S13 series high energy efficient triangular coil core oil immersed power transformer that uses traditional materials but operates with lower noise and a more compact structure. The outstanding performance of oil cooling transformer in energy saving, environmental saving and environmental protection is in full compliance with the international energy conservation policy. In addition, the three-dimensional distribution transformers have high reliability, simple operation, high efficiency and easy maintenance. 

Product Model Description

                                    Triangular Coil Core Oil immersed Transformer

Conditions of Use

  • Type of device: Outdoor type
  • Normal environmental conditions: Altitude does not exceed 1000m
  • Special environmental conditions: Altitude does exceeds 1000m
  • Ambient temperature: 

         Maximum temperature: +40℃

         Minimum temperature: -25℃

         Maximum daily average temperature: +30℃

         Maximum annual average temperature: +20℃

  • Power supply voltage waveform: The waveform of the power supply voltage is approximately sinusoidal
  • Installation place: No corrosive gas, no obvious dirt environment
  • Note: If the annual minimum temperature of the installation site is below -25 °C, use DB-45# transformer oil

Coil Core Oil Filled Transformer

Structure Characteristics

Iron core: the material performance is not lower than 30ZH120 cold-rolled silicon steel sheet; the three-phase three-column three-dimensional symmetric structure has the most balanced three-phase magnetic circuit; each group (roll) chip is wound by a thin steel strip on a special core winding machine. The pressure is even and firm; the core frame is vacuum annealed to eliminate stress and improve electromagnetic performance; the surface of the core is coated with epoxy paint, moisture proof and solidified.

Winding: paper-coated copper flat wire made of low-oxygen copper or QQ-2 acetal enamelled round copper wire; low-voltage coil is double-layer or four-layer round copper or new spiral, or foil type. The high-voltage coil is a multi-layer cylinder; the coil oil passage is corrugated, the interlayer insulation is double-sided adhesive paper; the low-pressure and high-pressure surfaces are coated with epoxy semi-adhesive glass fiber belt to increase mechanical strength.

Body and lead: Insulating cardboard is used to make upper and lower iron yoke insulation; laminated wood is used to make balance pad insulation; laminated paper is used as lead support; all fasteners are effective locking locknuts.

Oil tank: Fully sealed corrugated oil tank with triangular structure, corrugated sheets are provided in three phases to ensure heat dissipation and compensate for the expansion and contraction volume of oil volume change with oil temperature change; oil level gauge with pressure relief valve on the cover surface is convenient refueling and observing the oil level, and releasing pressure safety protection against sudden fault overvoltage inside the oil filled water cooled transformer.

Performance Features

1. Energy saving: the no-load loss is reduced by 40%-50%, and the load loss is reduced by 7%-10%;

2. Reduce line loss: the no-load current is reduced by more than 90%;

3. Ultra-quiet: the noise is reduced by 10-15 decibels;

4. No interference: the magnetic flux leakage is reduced by more than 50%;
5. Saving raw materials: the cost of copper and iron is reduced by 20%-30%;
6. Significant economic benefits: The cost of ten years of substation is down 17.2% from the generation oil filled transformers.

S13RL Series Three-dimensional Triangular Coil Core Oil Type Transformer Implementation Standards:
1. IEC60076-1:1993 Distribution Transformers
2. GB1094.1-1996 Electricity Transformers
3. GB6451-2008 liquid filled power transformers technical parameters and requirements
4. JB/T10088-2004 6KV~500KV class transformer power sound level

S13-M-RL Series Three-dimensional Triangular Coil Core Oil Filled Distribution Transformers Commonly Used Models:

S13-M-RL-2500KVA, S13-M-RL-2000KVA, S13-M-RL-1600KVA, S13-M-RL-1250KVA, S13-M-RL-1000KVA, S13-M-RL-800KVA, S13- M-RL-630KVA, S13-M-RL-500KVA, S13-M-RL-400KVA, S13-M-RL-315KVA, S13-M-RL-250KVA, S13-M-RL-200KVA, S13-M- RL-160KVA, S13-M-RL-125KVA, S13-M-RL-100KVA, S13-M-RL-80KVA, S13-M-RL-50KVA

Selection Guide

Rated Capacity (kVA)        Voltage Combination Winding Connection Grade No-load Loss       (W) load Loss   (W) Short Circuit Impedance   (%) No-load Current       (A)
High Voltage       (kV) Tapping Range of High Voltage(%) Low Voltage  (kV)
30            6                       6.3                     6.6                     10                     10.5          11              ±5          ±2×2.5 0.4 Dyn11 80 630 4.0 1.8
50 100 910 1.6
63 110 1090 1.5
80 130 1310 1.5
100 150 1580 1.4
125 170 1890 1.4
160 200 2310 1.3
200 240 2730 1.2
250 290 3200 1.1
315 340 3830 1.1
400 410 4520 1.0
500 480 5430 1.0
630 570 6200 4.5 0.9
800 700 7500 0.8
1000 830 10300 0.8
1250 970 12000 0.7
1600 1170 14500 0.6
2000 1550 18300 0.6
2500 1830 21200 0.5

Storage Instructions

When the oil filled transformer is stored, the oil level of the fully sealed transformer should be kept 2~3cm below the cover, and the storage condition should be checked regularly. For the transformer to be transported by the oil conservator, the oil conservator must be installed to ensure a certain amount of oil pressure and oil, to meet the needs of its temperature change, and the seal of the three phase distribution transformers must be protected during storage.

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